December 1st | 2016



DIESEL coat | J.W. ANDERSON sweatshirt | ANDEAS INGEMAN watch | H&M STUDIO trousers | ADIEU PARIS shoes 














Recently I’ve been wearing all the shades from black to white so here is some colour for a change. I wanted to go cozy in my beige teddy bear coat matching it to a white sweater and a watch by Andreas Ingeman. The watch is called ‘Red Oslo‘ and with interchangeable strap it transforms into a versatile timepiece to match all of my outfits. While ago I got to meet the team of Andreas Ingeman and hear the story behind the minimal Norwegian brand. It all started when the dad of designers gave him his grandfathers watch that later inspired him to create an own modern version, the one I’m now wearing.


It reminded me of my own story of starting with photography. As a kid we always used to hike in the forest with my family. My dad was capturing the nature and moments with his old film camera that I later got to use. I’m sure it’s one of the main reasons why photography felt so natural to me, even though my subjects changed from squirrels to shoes…



Photos by Pawel Adam
In collaboration with Andreas Ingeman

4 thoughts on “FROM FATHER TO SON

  1. Normae

    I enjoy and appreciate your little stories and this has touched me very much, because all these memories and beautiful moments with the family enrich our live so much and always will be there on our trip with us, for a lifetime.

    Passion and fascination, passed down through generations. My dad was a teacher aka Professor of mathematics, physics and astronomy. He taught me how to see the world through other eyes, to look at everything from a different perspective and to see the perfection with all their details. His enthusiasm for the creation of new worlds, sun, moon and stars, lives on in me. It is the greatest gift. He passed away last year on cancer. I miss him so much.

    hi Mikko: you are my stardust in the darkness and a bright star in the sky, shining brighter as all I ever have seen before. xx


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