April 9th | 2017


CÈLINE sunglasses | BALENCIAGA shirt | WEEKDAY jeans  | JIL SANDER shoes





















Buenos días! Even though I love London, it’s a place that I occasionally want to run away. I’ve never been the biggest fan of roasting myself in the sun or just doing nothing but now I really wanted a false start to summer and got tickets to Lanzarote. It was the first day when I got a new charming red skin tone. How surprising. Happens too easily when Snow White forgets SPF 50+ whilst sipping Piña Colada under the sun… For my fortune, the island is known of Aloe Vera. 


I stayed with Villas De La Marina in a beautiful Villa Ketch. It was a minimal all white dream with everything I can ask for: swimming pool, lot of plants, outdoor shower, grill and Netflix with the new season of Rupaul’s Drag Race. Located in Marina Rubicon surrounded by mountains. I started my mornings with swimming and yoga by the pool followed by a big breakfast at the outdoor terrace, who am I? It was a special moment. I was laying down on the sunbed, a towel covering my burnt face and listening peaceful music when I noticed something new. There was not a single thought or concern in my mind. I felt relaxed and calm, isn’t that what the vacations are for? 



Thank you to Villas De La Marina
Photos Pawel Adam



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