June 7th | 2017



Featuring MOSS LONDON suit | H&M CONSCIOUS shirt | GUCCI sunglasses | PAUL SMITH shoes














Never have I ever been to prom.


Not that I wouldn’t have wanted. I love to dance, I really enjoy Disney princess movies and what’s better than dressing up. Never just had a change. Until now when Moss Bros asked me to style an outfit to show how to stand out at a prom. Their wide selection of suits from classic ones to bold prints and colours made it easy. If you ask me, standing out with clothes is definitely for us boys too. Who would like to be that wall flower of the dance floor. Nevertheless I picked a black skinny one and played more with accessories and styling. Tip number one, just put on a ruffle silk shirt, funny glasses and sassy shoes and your modern Prince Charming look is ready to enchant the audience. To me the audience was mostly the curious tourists around St. Pauls. Fair enough, my prom experience was still a blast!



In collaboration with Moss Bros
Shot by Stephen Maycock

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