July 23rd | 2018



DE FURSAC white suit | ARKET turtleneck | CALVIN KLEIN 205W39NYC boots














I have always struggled with the question, what to wear during summer. Especially now that suddenly heatwave hit London and people most preferably would want to refresh themselves the whole day in the Sainsbury’s frozen section. I suggest to think that over, like I did and it turned out that there are other great ways. Like giving the eternal black looks a break and some rest until autumn and find yourself again in some white and lighter fabrics. You can probably tell; I love suits, but why have I never thought of a white one before? It feels so fresh and gives this classic outfit a whole new life. Just keep in mind to be careful whilst enjoying the all-time summer favourites such as strawberries, ice cream and sangria. Otherwise your all white summer fantasy will quickly turn into a study finding out the best ways to remove stains. But apart from that, happy summer in white!


Shot by Lucas

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