August 3rd | 2018



HUGO blazer, shirt and shoes | COS trousers, sneakers










I always get inspired by great architecture. Minimal, brutal, sculptural, anything that catches my attention. Sometimes my neck even starts to hurt when I’m admiring beautiful, high buildings for too long. Beautiful buildings like the London Aquatics Centre by Zaha Hadid, one of my all time favourite architects. I wore something very simple and graphic to highlight the location. Oversize navy suit with chunky sneakers and a baby blue shirt. A look you can’t go wrong with.


Shot by Lucas


2 thoughts on “SKY HIGH

  1. Jayce Jones

    hey, Mikko its been a while since I’ve left a reply on your posts but I was wondering if you would be willing to do a kind of Q/A on like Reddit, youtube with Gallucks, or maybe even on Instagram. I think it would get a good response and personally, I want to ask you how you are able to blog and do photography only (to my knowledge) and make a good income. I hope to hear from you soon.


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