October 12th | 2018



H&M STUDIO top | HIEN LE trousers | ADIEU shoes








MikkoPuttonen_Singapore_Travel_HienLe_ConcreteMaze21_web copy










In my last blog post, I mentioned the last destination of Lucas’ and my little Asia trip and I was talking about Singapore! If you have watched the movie‚ Crazy Rich Asians‘ I can tell you that the movie presents the city and culture quite well! If you haven’t; in Singapore, everything is spotlessly clean and shiny, posh and the term extravagant doesn’t do the city justice at all. I saw some Venetian canals build inside a shopping mall, a light show that reminded me of the Eurovision finale, and a luxury store on a small island sparkling and blinking more than the most vulgar Christmas tree. More is more I guess? Singapore has also some amazing minimal locations, like this concrete maze! Lucas and I had some problems with security guards at some locations and a few of our shoots turned into a James Bond movie, hiding from the guards – but that’s probably really usual in the city of million rules and penalties. Thank god we didn’t get caught in the maze as this was one of my all time favourite places to shoot at. After all, the whole trip was something to remember and even though I’m already back in Europe these memories will never fade away. I can not wait for the next destinations!



Shot by Lucas

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  1. Humeyra

    You’re always going forward, I see the summit! I was inspired by your style, thoughts and ideas. You’re charming. Sometimes I do nostalgia and look at the old writings …


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