April 20th | 2019

















Photos, film and creative Lucas Ruska Martin & Mikko Puttonen
Art Direction: Tuomas Merikoski


Samo is a Chinese menswear brand designed for the modern man.
Samo means “leave me alone” in Chinese and is referencing the beauty of the light and shadows. The design is versatile, innovative and classic, made for all kind of occasions. The brand believes that by removing unnecessary details from the clothes, it leaves more room for the wearer’s personality.


To me, the Samo man cares about beauty and is true to his aesthetic and certain lifestyle. He appreciates functionality without compromising on quality or style. I imagine him visiting an art gallery wearing a long oversized trench coat and chunky shoes combined with wide-leg suit trousers.


I was asked to produce the Samo Spring Summer 19 campaign.
Lucas and I have worked on this project together with the art direction and briefing coming from Paris and Shanghai.. As I love Lucas’ second home Valencia in Spain, it didn’t take us long to realise that it would be a perfect place for this project. We spent plenty of time on scouting for the right locations, but sometimes the best locations are found by coincidence. In this case, it was Lucas’ grandma’s rooftop, where the light was just magical. This was our last project in 2018 and I couldn’t have asked a better way to end the year.



Music: Disvstxr feat. Lusah

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