August 15th | 2019






Left: GUCCI jacket, cap
Right: GUCCI belt bag, cardigan, sunglasses



Lucas wearing: GUCCI jacket, cap, belt, bag, shorts





Mikko wearing: GUCCI jumper, sunglasses, belt bag, trousers







Lucas wearing: GUCCI cardigan 
Mikko wearing: GUCCI shirt, sweater 



Lucas wearing: GUCCI shirt, belt bag, shorts
Mikko wearing: GUCCI glasses, shirt, belt, trousers



I am an honest romantic. I have always been and I have always loved the idea of happy ever after. Gucci Beauty and I have teamed up for the launch of the new Gucci Mémoire fragrance, celebrating my own real-life love story and the special moment of falling in love.


In the beginning, we lived in different cities in different countries and it did not take long to get used to FaceTime or to receive our status airline cards. It is amazing how many memories a scent can bring to your mind and when I smell Gucci Mémoire, the mix calming of chamomile and romantic Jasmine takes me back to the moments of traveling back and forth and to the excitement and happiness of seeing each other again. It reminds me of the day when Lucas came to London just for a day to see me, we laid under a big tree and just watched clouds move above us. It reminds me of my birthday when he came to surprise me and my first time visiting Berlin when Lucas was at work and in the meantime, I was watching his baby pictures with his parents…


There are so many beautiful and nostalgic moments and memories that I get to relive them again through the scent of Gucci Mémoire.



Created for Gucci Beauty by Lucas Ruska Martin and Mikko Puttonen
Styling supported by MATCHESFASHION

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