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You have probably seen it on your Instagram feed already or heard the name before. You might be even familiar with his impressive history in fashion including working at Céline under Pheobe Philo or later on for Derek Lam.


That was all before the decision to start his own namesake brand; The Peter Do. He didn´t launch the brand alone, but with his closest, creative friends that have all met each other on social media.

We all know the fashion world has been living dark times after Phoebe leaving Céline and the minimal-chic girls and boys have been looking for something new to the scene to replace #oldcéline. But this is not a new Céline, this is Peter Do. A legacy on its own.


Peter was one of the first people I met in London, obviously through Instagram. That was around six years ago and already by then, he had really unique and strong aesthetics on his Instagram account.

I remember when he launched his first capsule collection with an already iconic spacer tank top, t-shirts and jewelry, I got excited. But when the first collection whole collection launched, I nearly peed my pants. The silhouettes are sophisticated, timeless and classic yet the details, cuts, and materials make them even better. I am not surprised at all Peter Do is one of the most hyped brands in the press and social media.


This story is shot earlier this summer in New York by Lucas Ruska Martin.




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