Boy Scout

May 25th | 2019



L’HOMME ROUGE full look, VEJA shoes via FLANNELS








L’HOMME ROUGE full look, EYTYS X H&M shoes 



L’HOMME ROUGE full look, RHANDERS gloves, CALVIN KLEIN boots 





I have been living in a big city and traveling around for nearly five years. I believe that even if I stay for the next 50 more and visit places all around the globe, I won’t stop missing the nature and beauty of my hometown in Finland. Once a country boy, always a country boy I guess? Last week, I did a little trip to the Seven Sisters Cliffs near Eastbourne for one beautiful day with Lucas. On the cliffs, I couldn’t hear any cars and the air was incredibly fresh. I was wearing the new Spring/Summer collection ‘Scout-siders’ by one of my favorite brands; L’Homme Rouge. That day I made friends with the local animals, washed my hair in the seawater and forget that one thing that tends to always stick around in big cities; stress. It was definitely one of the best Saturdays in a while.


This summer will be very intense starting with a trip to New York next week and a little pause before was really needed. Still, the positive benefits of one day in nature won’t last forever and I promised myself to take some time off at the end of summer. I am imagining myself in Muurame, wearing a bucket hat (not the trendy one), picking up berries in the forest, fishing and cooking on an open fire like a real Boy Scout. But until that, there is a Fashion Month to do. Brb.


Photos: Lucas Ruska Martin

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