May 4th | 2019



“Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality”
-Alice in Wonderland




PEET DULLAERT jacket and trousers, ARKET turtleneck, CALVIN KLEIN boots




Peet Dullaert full look, H&M STUDIO boots









MUGLER Love You All  & Fly Away 



COS suit, CALVIN KLEIN boots





The Art Of Layering


Everyone knows the story of Alice in Wonderland. How she follows The White Rabbit with a pocket watch down the hole and ends up to this magical and colorful world. On her journey, she meets Caterpillar, Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat and the Queen Of Hearts and ends up to be part of a great adventure. At the end of the story Alice wakes up and it makes you think, was it all just a dream? I am a dreamer and I can find a little Alice inside of me. I didn’t follow a rabbit, but I followed my dream from a small town to a big city, to get my voice heard and accomplish my ambitions. The story of Alice inspired me for my newest project with Mugler, celebrating their Cologne perfume collection. The iconic Mugler universe is known for their unique view of the world, which surprises and excites in fashion and fragrances. Cologne is a bold rainbow-colored series of five unisex fragrances that work individually and layered. Mix, Create and Play is the key of the Cologne to discover the endless possibilities and create your favorite combinations. Ordinary can be boring and the Cologne encourages everyone to stand out with a niche fragrance that represents its’ wearers personality and awakens all senses.


My first choice from the Mugler Cologne collection is the blue ´Love You All ́. The scent made of ́ blue licorice and white amber is calming, yet very sensual. I layered it with the yellow ´Fly Away ́ with notes of yellow grapefruit and hemp accord to create my bespoke scent. Fly Away smells like a sunny morning and vitamin C. Together these two beautiful scents creates a combination on my skin that smells like a summer seduction. It is like a day when you forget the time and just want to lay outside on grass, watching clouds slowly moving across the sky. The smell is happy and fresh with a hint of mystery. A bit like me, I guess? The art of layering gives us all a chance to dream away and free your mind. Jump into a universe where there are no boundaries!


Photos and creative Lucas Ruska Martin & Mikko Puttonen
In collaboration with Mugler



Mugler Cologne Eau de Toilette, 100ml £55 each available now from and nationwide.

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