July 20th | 2019

















There is a moment between dream and reality, that feels like an Illusion. That moment can be found in beautiful scenarios, trough the senses or memories. I found it in Puglia, with Bottega Veneta


For the launch of their two brand new perfumes, Illusione for her and Illusione for him they invited Lucas and me to Puglia to explore the new fragrances. 


The trip was a highlight of this summer and I will never forget the amazing memories we all made! Memories such as a day exploring the beautiful old town of Ostuni, driving in a vintage car to the gala dinner by the sea, our visit to the million years old Grote di Castellana and not to forget our little night shoot in the pool at 2 am. 


These are the first things that come to my mind now when I spray the fragrance — maybe the reason why it is my new favorite summer scent?




Photos Lucas Ruska Martin
Fashion by Bottega Veneta
Featuring Illusione Eue de Parfum pour Homme and pour Femme

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