March 21st | 2018





Everything starts from London, where my home is. Here I love to walk around the city, pick the newest issue of my favourite magazines and lunch with friends. London gives me always these big city vibes where everyone’s busy with their jobs and projects trying to reach their goals and dreams. To me it’s usually that as well and I need a good watch to keep on track on time. What if there was a watch that help you to manage other things as well and looks good? Here comes the SKAGEN Falster Smartwatch. One of my favourite features in London is the customizable watch faces that allows my watch to match to every outfit.











I’ve visited Berlin quite a lot this year and it has quickly turned into a special place for me. This time the reason was a production day with SKAGEN shooting photos and videos. A short visit but I’m back soon for sure. I’m always struggling about what to pack but the weather feature comes in really handy with that. I’m only 23 but I felt like a grand mom when I was told that I can even talk to my watch. I have my trust on the Google Assistant when I’m trying to find the best galleries and restaurants near by next time when I’m in town!










I had a good city guide but still couldn’t help but feel like a tourist in New York. You know when you’re just excited about every corner you’ve seen only in movies and photos. I walked so much that my feet even hurt. You might already guess that my watch was tracking every step. Other useful feature was a world time to know the best time to send updates to Finland on our WhatsApp family chat.








Although the best thing about the SKAGEN watch is that I can upload my own favourite features, customise it to fit to my style and make it the best watch for my own use and needs. Perfect partner during my travels and in my everyday life.



In Collaboration with SKAGEN
Photos: London – Pawel Adam, Berlin – Samuel Smelty, New York – Lucas


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