April 24th | 2019



Ace & Tate x CMMN SWDN sunglasses, BOSS suit, HUGO sneakers, PETER DO tanktop






COS suit and shirt, ADIEU PARIS shoes





PEET DULLAERT top, trousers and bag, BALENCIAGA boots








Sometimes the best things happen spontaneously. I love to plan and I’ve tried to learn to be organized but having an impulsive boyfriend with endless last minute ideas often ends up to adventures that would not happen by overthinking. Like this time, when we were chatting with a friend who told about an upcoming trip to Athens for work and about a spacious Airbnb apartment. At first it was a joke to join her, but after a few serious conversations, Lucas convinced me it would actually be a good idea. I was still not 100% sure if this is the right time but the next day, there was a booking confirmation for the flights.


When we arrived, our friend Anna was waiting for us wearing a Greek Goddess dress and a Laurel wreath. And let’s not forget the wine, halva, and grapes… In London, I feel always more focused and when I’m away I try to loosen up, get inspired by the surroundings and recharge. And that’s what we did. Lucas and I only stayed for a long weekend but it felt like a long holiday. It was the combination of a perfect company, fun scooter drives, delicious food and a fact of being a little tipsy from lunch to evening. The trip was one of the best ideas in a long time, as I came back to London with full new energy.
Thanks, Lucas. You were right… Again.



Photos Lucas Ruska Martin

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